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        RAR version 3.20 - Technical information


                         RAR archive file format

   Archive file consists of variable length blocks. The order of these
blocks may vary, but the first block must be a marker block followed by
an archive header block.

   Each block begins with the following fields:

HEAD_CRC       2 bytes     CRC of total block or block part
HEAD_TYPE      1 byte      Block type
HEAD_FLAGS     2 bytes     Block flags
HEAD_SIZE      2 bytes     Block size
ADD_SIZE       4 bytes     Optional field - added block size

   Field ADD_SIZE present only if (HEAD_FLAGS & 0x8000) != 0

   Total block size is HEAD_SIZE if (HEAD_FLAGS & 0x8000) == 0
and HEAD_SIZE+ADD_SIZE if the field ADD_SIZE is present - when
(HEAD_FLAGS & 0x8000) != 0.

   In each block the followings bits in HEAD_FLAGS have the same meaning:

  0x4000 - if set, older RAR versions will ignore the block
           and remove it when the archive is updated.
           if clear, the block is copied to the new archive
           file when the archive is updated;

  0x8000 - if set, ADD_SIZE field is present and the full block
           size is HEAD_SIZE+ADD_SIZE.

  Declared block types:

HEAD_TYPE=0x72          marker block
HEAD_TYPE=0x73          archive header
HEAD_TYPE=0x74          file header
HEAD_TYPE=0x75          old style comment header
HEAD_TYPE=0x76          old style authenticity information
HEAD_TYPE=0x77          old style subblock
HEAD_TYPE=0x78          old style recovery record
HEAD_TYPE=0x79          old style authenticity information
HEAD_TYPE=0x7a          subblock

   Comment block is actually used only within other blocks and doesn't
exist separately.

   Archive processing is made in the following manner:

1. Read and check marker block
2. Read archive header
3. Read or skip HEAD_SIZE-sizeof(MAIN_HEAD) bytes
4. If end of archive encountered then terminate archive processing,
   else read 7 bytes into fields HEAD_CRC, HEAD_TYPE, HEAD_FLAGS,
5. Check HEAD_TYPE.
   if HEAD_TYPE==0x74
     read file header ( first 7 bytes already read )
     read or skip HEAD_SIZE-sizeof(FILE_HEAD) bytes
     if (HEAD_FLAGS & 0x100)
       read or skip HIGH_PACK_SIZE*0x100000000+PACK_SIZE bytes
       read or skip PACK_SIZE bytes
     read corresponding HEAD_TYPE block:
       read HEAD_SIZE-7 bytes
       if (HEAD_FLAGS & 0x8000)
         read ADD_SIZE bytes
6. go to 4.


 Recovery volumes:

      a) WinRAR attempts to reconstruct both missing and damaged
         volumes. Original copies of damaged volumes are renamed
         to *.bad. Previous version was able to reconstruct only
         missing volumes;

      b) WinRAR automatically detects corrupt recovery volumes
         and ignores them;

      c) Recovery volumes naming scheme changed from <name>N1_N2_N3.rev
         to less complicated <name>N.rev, where 'N' is the number of
         volume. Old style recovery volumes are also recognized and

      d) WinRAR displays the progress bar while reconstructing volumes.

   5. SFX modules:

      a) Start and License SFX dialogs had been redesigned;

      b) SFX provides fully functional HTML support in "Text" command.
         Earlier versions supported only very limited set of HTML tags;

      c) "SavePath" SFX script command and "Save and restore paths"
         option in "Advanced SFX settings" allow to save the destination
         path entered by user in Registry and then restore it when
         executing SFX archive next time.

   6. Compression improved when adding small text files to already
      existing archive using "Best" (-m5) or "Forced text" (-mct+) modes.

   7. "Flat folders view" command in "Options/File list" menu switches
      between the classic tree style view and flat view, when all archived
      files and folders are displayed in the same list.

   8. Option "Turn PC off when done" in "Advanced" part of archiving
      dialog and command line switch -ioff turn a computer off after
      completing an operation. Hardware must support the power off feature.

   9. Sizes of ZIP-100, CD-650MB and CD-700MB disks are added
      to predefined values in the volume size list in archiving dialog.

  10. New command line switch -iicon<name> specifies an icon to use
      in SFX archive created or updated by WinRAR. This switch is
      supported only by WinRAR, console RAR does not recognize it.

  11. Now WinRAR opens tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives in one step,
      so users do not need to unpack .tar manually.
      WinRAR does not store temporary .tar files on the disk,
      all required operations are performed directly in memory.

  12. WinRAR is able to decompress multipart ZIP archives
      (.zip, .z01, .z02, ...).

  13. New 'N' (archive number) modifier for -ag switch and
      "Generate archive name by mask" backup option of archiving dialog.

      WinRAR searches for already existing archive with a generated name
      and if it is found, increments the archive number until generating
      a unique name. For example, if you use -agyymmdd-nn several
      times in the same day, every new archive name will include a new
      increasing number.

  14. If rarfiles.lst contains such two masks that all files matched
      by one mask are also matched by other, that mask which matches
      a smaller subset of file names will have higher priority regardless
      of its position in the list. For example, in case of *.cpp and
      f*.cpp masks, f*.cpp has higher priority.

  15. WinRAR displays CRC16 column inside of LZH archives.

  16. It is possible to disable the main menu and settings dialog
      using "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WinRAR\Policy" or
      "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WinRAR\Policy" Registry key.
      This feature may help to preserve WinRAR settings in multiuser
      environment. Read "Configuration settings/Registry variables"
      topic in winrar.hlp for more details.